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About The Chef

     Let me start by saying that baking has been a very challenging and rewarding experience for me. I was very nervous, scared, and very unsure if I was ready to take that important step toward enhancing my career. When I got started, I began to realize that I  wanted to start pursuing the culinary arts field. I was inspired mostly by the passing of my father in 2018. He loved to cook, grill and bake, and express himself in the kitchen. My father was a chef back in his day so I was inspired by him to pursue my career in baking and I wanted to do my best. 

     Cooking and baking are very therapeutic and calming to me to the point it relaxes me.  My cakes always seem to come out better each time.  This has been a very heartfelt experience for me.

     When I look back on my reflections I thought that I would never have gone back to pursuing my career especially one that I love.  This was a very interesting experience for me. I now know that if I put my mind to anything and stick with it I can do it and accomplish anything.  What did I think about online classes vs a classroom setting?    

     I learned a lot from Chef Tom and Chef Grant who helped me and encouraged me a lot during my progress. I could call on them anytime and they would always get back in touch with me. My experience during an online externship was not easy. It was a lot of reading, writing, and providing a lot of thought processing. Pros: it was good to learn on my own at home working at my own pace. Cons: I only had six weeks to finish everything and turn it in. It was like a race against the clock. The hardest part was putting together a web page for my business. As your local baker, I want to emphasize that with my knowledge and training in pastry arts. You are guaranteed exceptional and warm services. Each cookie, cake, or a loaf of bread is filled with generations of heartfelt deliciousness! 

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